Our Public Policy & Government Affairs team offers extensive knowledge of how to address your business issues with governments at all levels. We advise clients on how to best present their position to the appropriate audiences then thoroughly and aggressively present your position.

The practice team includes experienced lobbying teams in Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina with more than 80 years of collective experience representing government affairs clients.

Raymond Bell
Alabama Team Leader 
  David Ferrell
North Carolina Team Leader
  Bob Coble
South Carolina Team Leader

Maynard Nexsen’s deep roots in the community and a long history of involvement in public affairs in across Alabama and the Carolinas informs our work and several of the firm’s attorneys have served in prominent government positions in both states. Our team’s unified approach allows you to connect with professionals across state lines.

Our team of experienced lobbyists know that public policy and regulatory action are critical to a business's effectiveness and outlook. Armed with experience inside and outside government, knowledge of the participants, a firm foundation in both substance and process, and the ability to communicate effectively, our team is there when you need us most. 

The team offers results-oriented advocacy to the Firm’s diverse client list, representing individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies across industries including aerospace, construction, energy, trade associations, financial services, manufacturing, technology, and government entities before Federal Departments, Agencies, the United States Congress, State Legislatures, and administrative agencies, boards, and commissions at the federal, state, and local levels.

The Maynard Nexsen Government Affairs team has been consistently ranked as a top-performing lobbying/law firm by state and national publications, including Bloomberg Government, which evaluated 1,946 registered firms and based their metrics on the volume of work, client retention, practice growth, and, most importantly, client satisfaction. The Firm is also politically active and has a nationally ranked top ten law firm Political Action Committee.

The Firm is one of the founding members of State Law Resources, a nationwide network of independent law firms selected for their expertise in government relations and administrative/regulatory law across the country at the state level. Internationally, the Firm is a member of Lex Mundi, a legal network with 150+ member firms with more than 21,000 lawyers in 100+ countries.


How we support you:


Our team of experienced lobbyists use traditional lobbying techniques and advocacy methodologies to communicate directly with federal, state, and local officials, and their staffs, to explain and advance client goals. Using electronic tracking and legislative monitoring techniques, we analyze and generate reports on significant legislative and regulatory efforts impacting client interests. Our team is also well-versed in drafting proposed legislation, preparing stakeholders for presentations, monitoring legislative committee meetings, and fostering issue champions.


Our team has extensive experience organizing, managing, and deploying effective coalitions of affected stakeholders to build grassroots support on issues. Team members also participate in trade associations, coalitions, and joint lobbying efforts on behalf of our clients to ensure we are providing them with the connections they need to achieve their advocacy goals.


In partnership with NP Strategy, our team prepares issue papers, briefing books, comments, and hearing testimony to effectively communicate client interests. We also assist in preparing client representatives for appearances at hearings, testify on behalf of clients, and advise on public affairs communications and political outreach.


Given our team’s decades of experience in the political and legislative arenas, we also serve as advisors to our clients on other topics including ensuring compliance with campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying laws. Team members also advise clients on corporate governance and best practices.


Participation in government affairs is an integral part of our country’s democratic process and is a constitutional right. Government officials make public policy decisions that affect the vital interests of individuals, corporations, religious groups, charitable institutions, and others. Consequently, public officials need to receive factual information from affected interests and need to know such parties’ views to make informed policy judgments.

To help preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and the public policy advocacy process, we have an obligation to act in the highest ethical and moral manner in our dealings with all parties. We adhere to the requisite regulations and statutes governing lobbying practice in the states we work, as well as the United States Senate, where applicable. 




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