What Sets Us Apart

At Maynard Nexsen, we are focused on our clients, our people, and our communities. Our approach to service encompasses a spirit of collaboration and innovation that only happens when relationships are built on mutual understanding and shared expectations.

We work with our clients to understand them at a granular level, advocating on their behalf and fostering meaningful partnerships. We integrate seamlessly across our practice areas to provide the right solution to their problems efficiently and effectively, supporting their overall initiatives. With attorneys coast-to-coast, we generate consistent legal experiences and positive outcomes that advance stated business goals, regardless of location. With our expansive geographic base from California to the Carolinas, we successfully manage the needs of our clients while delivering unique value.

Strategic Communication

Along with the law firm’s robust legal team, NP Strategy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maynard Nexsen, provides strategic communications support to many Maynard Nexsen clients. Led by a former journalist, the “NPS” team works with companies to secure positive media coverage, craft proactive messaging, and ensure an online presence that accurately communicates a company’s brand and level of sophistication.

Technology Solutions for Legal Challenges

Nextra Solutions provides end-to-end eDiscovery and comprehensive Information Technology security and management services to help your organization succeed.

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