Maynard Nexsen’s Intellectual Property Protection Group offers each client end-to-end intellectual property legal services to help them grow and protect their business. Our attorneys represent clients across a wide range of technologies from electrical and computer sciences to life sciences. The Firm has represented major companies in industries that include electronics and computers; software, big data and Internet; mobile and wireless; financial technology; drones, robotics and artificial intelligence; and medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Maynard Nexsen has subject matter experts in litigation and transactional matters relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition. Our team utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that brings together litigation, transactional, international trade, employment, and IP practitioners to meet client needs. Our attorneys are IP strategists, who focus on enhancing client value through the acquisition, protection and management of IP resources.

IP Protection

  • Patent prosecution
  • Trademark prosecution and oppositions
  • Copyright and related contracts
  • Licensing and portfolio development
  • IP due diligence
  • Data rights
  • Privacy and terms of use for IP protection

In today’s economy, intellectual property is at the core of almost every business. Leading companies call on Maynard Nexsen’s Intellectual Property Protection Practice Group operates with a focus on enhancing client value through the acquisition, protection, and management of intellectual property resources. The Firm utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that combines extensive experience in business and litigation with a range of technical capabilities sufficient to meet the needs of a wide array of clients in various industries and fields of technology. Maynard Nexsen regularly represents clients in matters relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition. The firm has strength in counseling clients on the management of infringement risk and on the development of value-added IP portfolios. The firm also has an active Domestic and International Licensing Practice.

The Firm has IP attorneys with significant experience on a national level. The attorneys overseeing the firm’s patent and trademark practices were all trained at leading intellectual property firms in markets such as Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. The attorneys engaged in licensing and transactional work likewise have substantial national and international experience.

Patent Services

Maynard Nexsen has a highly skilled group of patent attorneys with substantial experience. Our attorneys cover a wide array of subject matters including electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy, materials science, and life science technologies. The Firm routinely assists clients with the complex task of securing and maintaining domestic and international patent portfolios for the protection of their most important innovations. Our attorneys also assist clients in avoiding infringement risk by identifying non-infringing alternatives to existing patents held by others and/or by challenging such patents through available administrative procedures. If our clients become involved in litigation, our attorneys are experienced in conducting and/or managing such litigation at a cost advantage to attorneys of similar experience levels in other markets.

Trademark and Trade Dress Services

Unlike many general practice firms, Maynard Nexsen uses only experienced intellectual property attorneys to handle trademark and trade dress matters. Our attorneys have significant experience handling initial trademark clearance searches for proposed marks as well as in dealing with the trademark examining authorities to secure federal, state and international trademark registrations. Our attorneys also have experience in opposition and cancellation proceedings directed to federal applications and registrations. Our intellectual property attorneys also have the experience to manage complex litigation involving trademark rights.

Copyright Services

Maynard Nexsen attorneys have experience securing both public and secret federal copyright registrations. Our attorneys also provide counseling and formal opinions to clients regarding possible infringement and legitimate rights to use. Our intellectual property attorneys also have the experience to manage litigation involving complex copyright matters should those needs arise.

Trade Secret Services

Maynard Nexsen combines the technical skills of its intellectual property attorneys with the substantial experience of its Labor and Employment Practice Group to provide clients with an extraordinary ability to handle the complexities of trade secret matters. By teaming intellectual property attorneys with our highly skilled employment attorneys, the firm has the core competency to deal with both the technical issues and the labor law issues found in most modern trade secret matters. This approach permits the firm to address trade secret matters at an early stage by crafting agreements with employees and implementing protective practices that will withstand scrutiny if later challenged. The Firm’s agility also permits the rapid and efficient use of the court system to minimize the impact of trade secret misappropriation once it is identified.


Maynard Nexsen attorneys have significant experience crafting and negotiating complex intellectual property and technology transfer licenses. In licensing transactions involving technology, our commercial licensing attorneys can work in conjunction with attorneys having an intimate understanding of the subject technology and the scope of protections surrounding that technology. This synergy ensures that the licensing transaction is effective in transferring the rights intended by the parties.


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