Doing business with the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services can be a trap for the unwary. The government has teams of lawyers ready to support its mission. You need the same.

Our attorneys have broad experience supporting every aspect of a contractor’s business activities. That allows us to form tiger teams with the exact expertise needed to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for each client’s unique requirements.

Below is a general overview of the types of broad support our team can provide.

Bid Protests and Procurement Litigation

Unfortunately, sometimes contractors find themselves in adversarial proceedings. We have handled hundreds of bid protests, worth many billions of dollars, in every protest forum available. And we have tried multiple Contract Disputes Act cases in various forums, and even handled the appeals. Where there is no other available option, we have also challenged government action under the Administrative Procedure Act. Our team has been involved in some of the most significant, precedential cases in government contracting. Our success speaks for itself.

Transactions, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Contractors, private equity firms, and investment bankers across the country rely on our team to close their deals. We close hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions every year, representing buyers, sellers, lenders, and ESOP trustees. Not all transactions involve the acquisition of a company; some are contract-specific. We help our clients structure novation agreements as well.

Compliance and Audit Support

We help our clients field and address issues that pop up during acquisition, performance, and contract closeout. We are fluent in CAS and Part 31 and able to support you during any DCAA or other audits.

Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Subcontracts

We recognize that the whole is sometimes greater than the sum of the parts. We help contractors forge partnerships to pursue contracting opportunities through teaming agreements and joint ventures and to put subcontracts in place after award.

False Claims, Internal Investigations, Suspension, and Debarment

Few things are more intimidating than staring down government allegations of wrongdoing. We are our clients’ first call when that happens. We conduct internal investigations (before and after the allegations arise) and litigate the charges if necessary. We have handled False Claims Act litigation all over the country. And you will find our names on the opinions in some of the most significant responsibility, suspension, and debarment cases in recent history.

Third-Party Litigation

Contractors sometimes find themselves in court litigating prime-sub disputes, non-competition agreements, and employment decisions. Over the years we have seen it all and have litigated virtually every type of controversy a contractor might face. We are bet-the-company litigators.

Niche Areas

We realize that there are other government contract lawyers, but few have experience with niche areas such as the Randolph Sheppard Act, Ability One, the Service Contract Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, state and local contracting, government data rights, and contractor IP issues.


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