Marc gained the trust and confidence of individual clients and entities spread across many industries and states.  When faced with daunting, complex litigation, clients turn to Marc, who pulls together a team of the firm's legal resources, expert witnesses, research/background resources, and document reviewers who use modern technology to provide the most cost-efficient yet highly effective representation in complex matters.  Marc stresses early analysis and critical thinking for the team to come up with creative and effective strategies to win or settle cases.

Marc’s experience comes in federal and state courts throughout the country. Marc practices before the South Carolina procurement offices, the Public Service Commission, the NC Utilities Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the SC AG as Securities Commissioner on the administrative side.  Marc doesn’t just litigate matters, he tries them.  Marc handles appeals at all levels of the federal and state systems, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Marc connects with his clients and learns their business as he prepares a case. Marc uses technology extensively in his practice but also litigates about technology-related patents, software and other copyrights, and trade secrets. He has extensive experience with failed system development projects/contracts and defective software cases.  He understands the ins and outs of banks, credit unions, and savings and loan litigation, including lender liability, enablement of imposter fraud, credit reporting and collection practices, debt collection, and shareholder issues.  Marc understands the nuances of public utility law and has served as general counsel for an electric cooperative for over ten years.

Marc works with electric, water/sewer, and telecommunications cooperatives on service territory/rights/requirements, non-profit, federal lending, state lending, and incentives, reporting and maintaining tax-exempt status. Marc also works with other non-profit groups on funding and compliance issues as well as intellectual property issues.

Marc works for both plaintiffs and defendants in shareholder and partnership disputes, corporate freeze-outs, minority valuation cases, and class actions of many different types.

Marc used to actively search and prosecute trademarks, which helped his insight to trademark and unfair trade practices litigation. He handles and tries trademark-related litigation all over the United States, including the Southern District of New York and the District of Colorado. Because many of Marc’s cases involve contracts between commercial entities or with consumers, he also arbitrates and moves to compel arbitration as a regular part of his practice.

Marc knows public contracts and state procurement law. He advises and litigates in the bidding process and continues on to any contract performance issues. He has represented many businesses seeking State business and also State agencies seeking to procure goods and services.

Marc’s background in chemistry helps him in grappling with drug misadministration cases for assisted living facilities and nursing homes. He understands the regulatory environment for these facilities as well and has defended all types of claims for them. A strong working relationship with expert witnesses in many healthcare areas makes possible the accurate early evaluation and resolution of many of these cases.

The complex litigation cases Marc often handles touch on insurance coverage questions, fiduciary duty questions, and the liability of accountants for financial statements and similar representations. Procurement and other cases have led to issues of constitutional law under the First, Fifth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments.  Marc also uses and defends against verdict-enhancing claims like RICO, the False Claims Act, SC Unfair Trade Practices Act, and the NC Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practice Act.

Marc knows the implications of insurance coverage, having litigated issues for insurers and insureds. The underlying cases include environmental remediation, torts, technology, and intellectual property issues. This experience gives Marc a valuable skill set for advising on matters of coverage.

Complex litigation involves documents, data, and large numbers of witnesses, often spread over a wide geographic area. Having developed a network of experts, researchers, and resources around the country helps Marc in maximizing his client’s chances for success at a reasonable cost. While complex litigation cannot always be handled inexpensively, it can be properly forecast/budgeted, handled efficiently, and simplified to make the most effective legal and factual presentation for the client.

Over the years, several of Marc’s cases resulted in appeals that generated articles and commentary in the legal community due to their impact on the law. Marc briefed and argued the case that led the Supreme Court of South Carolina to abolish the torts of alienation of affection and criminal conversation. Russo v. Sutton, 310 S.C. 200, 422 S.E.2d 750 (1992). He briefed and argued the case where the Supreme Court of South Carolina settled the question regarding the procedure for disputes regarding government contracts. The court found that the administrative process before the Chief Procurement Officer and the Procurement Review Panel constituted an exclusive remedy for any party to a state contract. Unisys Corp. v. South Carolina Budget and Control Bd. Div. of General Services Information Technology Management Office, 346 S.C. 158, 551 S.E.2d 263 (2001). In another case of first impression, the Supreme Court of South Carolina determined the procedure to pay a judgment into court to stop the running of post-judgment interest. Russo v. Sutton, 317 S.C. 441, 454 S.E.2d 895 (1995). With data breaches and credit imposter fraud becoming common in the Internet age, another of Marc's cases establish that South Carolina would not recognize tort liability for a lender or credit card issuer for negligently enabling imposter fraud. Huggins v. Citibank, N.A., 355 S.C. 329, 585 S.E.2d 275 (2003). These represent the types of important legal issues Marc handles for clients that help shape the law.

With each new case, Marc looks forward to the next challenge and brings his team’s representation of the client to the next level.

Outside of Maynard Nexsen

Marc has served as President of the University Hill Neighborhood Association since 2006 and is a member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.  Marc works the Greek Grocery Store every September at Columbia’s Greek Festival. 

Marc loves going back to UVA for football games and Jefferson Literary and Debating Society meetings, especially if one or more of his children go with him.  His pride and joy is his son Nick, playing football at Hand Middle School, his niece Jessica a proud graduate of Dreher High School and Paul Mitchell, now working and self-sufficient at Cost Cutters in Columbia, and his niece Rebecca majoring in art and photography at the University of South Carolina after graduating from Dreher.  When he is not busy wrestling his clients’ opponents, he fights evil by playing Alliance characters in the World of Warcraft on-line game.

Community & Professional

  • Trial Law Institute
  • Diversity Law Institute
  • Barrister, Order of Juris
  • Advocate, Order of Certus
  • Litigation Counsel of America
  • American Bar Association
  • Carolina Association of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorneys
  • Defense Research Institute
  • North Carolina State Bar 
  • South Carolina Bar
    • Torts and Insurance Practice Section Secretary, 2019-2020
  • The District of Columbia Bar



The following examples show the types of cases Marc and his team handle. As the facts of and law applicable to every case differ, past results cannot be used to predict or guarantee future outcomes.

Marc Manos led a team of the firm's professionals, including Chase Keibler, representing Gerber Products Company regarding the Invitation for Bids (IFB) issued by SC DHEC for the Infant Formula Rebate Program, a significant contract in term and value. In the first stage of the representation, Marc and his team supported a protest regarding the terms of the IFB.  After a ruling by the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) SC DHEC posted an amended IFB that included a potentially significant error.  Marc and his team worked with Gerber and SC DHEC to secure a correcting amendment.  In the final stage, after Gerber Products Company received an Intent to Award the contract, Marc and his team handled a protest by an unsuccessful vendor before the CPO.  The CPO denied the protest.  You can read the CPO’s Order at [link].  The protesting vendor decided not to seek further review at the Procurement Review Panel.  SC DHEC awarded the contract to Gerber Products Company.

Marc Manos and Cheryl Shoun represented the Southeast Consortium for Unemployment Benefits Integration consisting of the South Carolina Department of Employment Workforce, the North Carolina Department of Commerce, and the Georgia Department of Labor.  Over the last four years, Marc and his team worked on significant contract amendments, change orders, and contract management issues related to the development of a multi-state unemployment insurance and benefits assistance system. The Contractor installed the system in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Disagreements between the Consortium and the Contractor resulted in contract controversies between the parties before the Chief Procurement Officer.  After lengthy and detailed negotiations, the parties were able to settle their differences and dismiss the contract controversies in March of 2020. Marc and his team continue to work on many technology and computer development, testing, installation, and operation issues for complex systems in both the private and governmental sectors.

Marc Manos represented Pinnacle Bank and its employee in a RICO case Hulsey v. Cisa, 947 F.3d 246 (4th Cir. 2020 brought by a Charleston law firm.  The Court granted Pinnacle’s motion to dismiss all claims.  The law firm appealed to the Fourth Circuit and Marc presented oral argument on behalf of all defendants.  The Fourth Circuit reversed and the case has been remanded to U.S. District Court in Charleston, SC.  All the defendants filed new motions to dismiss on other grounds, which are awaiting a hearing.

Marc Manos began assisting the SC Department of Social Services, the Judicial Department and the 46 County Clerks of Court regarding the Child Support Enforcement Automated System and Family Court Case Management System Contracts. Marc and many other the firm's lawyers handled contract controversy litigation against two contractors, procurement protests against contract awards, design of multiple Request for Proposal for the systems as well as the Statewide Disbursement System. Marc and the firm also handled administrative matters with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, a lawsuit by the State challenging the statutory requirements imposed by the United States in federal Court, and defended a class action in federal court all related to the systems. Marc's final role came as an adviser and counselor on Contractual and performance issues during the last four years. The project marked a major mile stone as the child support enforcement component, now known as the Palmetto Automated Child Support System (PACSS) received federal certification this month. See letter attached here

Marc Manos worked as part of a team led by David Black to try a condemnation value case for two weeks in Lexington County. Marc worked with David, Cherly Shoun, Chase Keibler, Alexandra Austin and Creston Brown to present the Town of Lexington's valuation evidence regarding the I-20's Sewer Treatment plant and pipe system formerly owned by Utilities, Inc and Carolina Water Service (CSW). Marc presented or cross-examined every expert witness in the trial (seven) and two of the fact witnesses (Lexington's outside bond counsel and the former CWS Vice-President of Operations). The jury paid close attention to two weeks evidence, including complicated testimony on municipal bond restrictions, and reached a verdict between the high appraisal promoted by CWS and the significantly lower appraisal of the Town, less a factor for repair costs. Post-trial motions are pending. 

Marc Manos working with a team of NP lawyers from three offices wrote the prevailing summary judgment brief for Plaintiff in a trademark infringement case.  See the Order here.  The Court recognized and confirmed client’s mark in the color orange by injunction, but denied damages.

Marc Manos, Brad Waring and Manton Grier, Jr. represented an architectural and construction bidder in a challenge to the company's ranking as the most highly qualified firm to design the South Carolina Aeronautical Training Center, Project H59-6069-PG. The client prevailed and the State awarded the contract. See attached document. 

Marc Manos, along with Angus Macaulay and lawyers from several other prominent firms around South Carolina, represented several timeshare industry defendants in opposing attempts by plaintiffs in multiple federal lawsuits to amend and expand the statute of limitations and relief sought. Marc prepared the brief and argued in opposition to adding claims under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known as RICO. If these claims became part of the lawsuits they would open the possibility of multiplied damages, attorneys’ fee awards, and lengthen the statute of limitations by a year. The Court agreed with Marc’s arguments and denied the motions to amend for RICO as futile, keeping RICO out of the cases.

10/2013 -2/2015:
Marc Manos, supported by Lawrence Melton, Manton Grier, Jr., VickiLynn Mitchell and many others in an extensive team represented the State of South Carolina Department of Social Services, Judicial Department and County Clerks of Court in a several months long trial before the Chief Procurement Officer.  The case involved the Child Support Enforcement and Family Court Case Management computer automated systems. The trial included over 49 days of testimony and extensive legal briefing. The case settled in early 2015 after lengthy mediation. See CPO  Case 2013-204A.

Marc Manos briefed and argued three consolidated cases regarding the enforceability of arbitration provisions in assisted living contracts. The appeal concerned whether federal or state law controlled, whether the restrictions on discovery and damages could be applied and whether the provision was unconscionable. See S.C. Appellate Case No. 2011-199666.

Marc Manos tried a patent inequitable conduct case before the Honorable Cameron Currie in U.S. District Court for South Carolina. After six trial days, Marc's client prevailed in the trial. See the Order. While the results of the trial are not on appeal, an earlier summary judgement lost by Marc's client is currently on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Marc Manos working with attorneys from Rogers Towers PA of Jacksonville, FL tried a trademark infringement case to a jury in U.S. District Court, Florence Division representing the franchisees of a national restaurant chain.  The jury found that there was no infringement of the 34 registered marks used by the franchisees and found for the competing restaurant on one counterclaim.  The case settled while on appeal to the Fourth Circuit.

Marc Manos and Manton Grier, Jr. working with Rogers Towers PA of Jacksonville, FL represented two South Carolina franchisees of a national restaurant chain in a U.S. District Court trademark dispute with another restaurant.  On cross motions for summary judgment, the franchisees’ claims survived for trial and the counterclaim of the competing restaurant under the SC Unfair Trade Practices Act was dismissed as a matter of law. Read the order.

Marc Manos with extensive support from a team of the firm's other attorneys, settled a minority shareholder action after five days of mediation spread over a month.  A highly experienced mediator provided invaluable assistance to the parties as well.  The case involved a large number of corporations and limited liability companies in two states owned by a group of family members.  The firm represented the plaintiff shareholder/member who had been gradually excluded from the businesses over several years.  The case involved the use of valuation, real estate and forensic accounting experts and the analysis of a very large number of hard copy and electronic records.

Marc Manos with assistance from Manton Grier, Jr. represented the prevailing vendor for state funded closed captioning for local news broadcasts for the hearing impaired in a contract controversy filed before the Chief Procurement Officer for Information Technology.  After an all day hearing, the client prevailed keeping the contract with potential revenue of more than $2,700,000.  Click here to read the CPO decision

Marc Manos and Manton Grier, Jr. tried a two day protest before the Procurement Review Panel related to the Higher Education Commission’s RFP for a Course Articulation and Transfer System.  The computerized system was to assist four and two year colleges and universities across South Carolina with the increasing number of transfer students.  Marc and Manton represented an unsuccessful offeror.  The Panel held, over the dissent of Dr. Mark Hartley, that the various items required to be in the system were not actual requirements in a solutions based procurement and upheld the original award.  Click here to read the Panel’s decision. 

Marc Manos represented the successful vendor for state funded closed captioning for local news broadcasts for the hearing impaired in a protest filed by the incumbent vendor, South Carolina Association for the Deaf before the Procurement Review Panel.  The Panel granted Marc’s client’s motion to dismiss the claim leaving the contract valued at over $2,700,000 with Marc’s client.  Click here to read the Panel’s decision.

Marc Manos and Manton Grier, Jr. represented CNH New Holland, LLC (New Holland Tractor Division) in a procurement protest brought by the State rejecting two of three New Holland bids on the five year lawn and landscaping equipment contract.  New Holland bid on behalf of all its dealers and local governments.  Universities and school districts could use the approved vendors as well as all state agencies.  After a trial, the Chief Procurement Officer ruled that New Holland must be included in the list of approved vendors on all of its bids.  Click here to read the CPO decision.

Ben Kahn and Brooks Bossong of the Greensboro office involved Marc Manos in complex counterclaims brought by a hotel owner in Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina.  While Ben and Brooks handled most of the work, Marc briefed and argued the motion to dismiss the RICO counterclaims brought against the firm's lender client.  The Bankruptcy Court dismissed all the counterclaims with prejudice, including the multi-million dollar claim asserted under RICO.

Marc Manos and David Black won a directed verdict at the trial of a trespass action against their client, Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc., in Edgefield County.  The case involved a challenge to an important line easement along a U.S. highway.

Marc Manos, David Black and John Tiencken drafted and filed an Amicus Brief for the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc., portions of which the court used in its opinion in City of Newbery v. Newberry Elec. Coop., Inc., 2008-UP-200 (S.C. Ct. App. March 24, 2008).

Marc Manos and Manton Grier settled a substantial corporate and accounting breach of fiduciary duty and malpractice suit during the first week of trial in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Marc Manos and a team of procurement law attorneys successfully defended the multi-million dollar award for development of the South Carolina Family Court Case Management and Child Support Enforcement Computer System before the Chief Procurement Office for Technology and on de novo review by the South Carolina Procurement Review Panel.

Marc Manos briefed and argued an appeal regarding the electric service rights of an electric cooperative in City of Camden v. Fairfield Elec. Coop., Inc., 643 S.E.2d 687 (S.C. 2007).

Marc Manos briefed and argued an important appeal of summary judgment against a class action seeking market wage hourly rates for prisoners in a prison work program.  This client avoided claims for millions of dollars when the Supreme Court of South Carolina affirmed summary judgment.  Williams v. South Carolina Dept. of Corrections and Williams Technologies, Inc., 641 S.E.2d 885 (S.C. 2007).

Marc Manos with the assistance of Michael Elvin represented Petroleum Traders, Inc. in its objection to the South Carolina low sulfur diesel contract.  The objections were over ruled by the Procurement Review Panel and the new contract proceeded.  In Re: Appeal of Petroleum Traders, Case No. 2006-8 (S.C. Procure. Rev. Panel, Jan. 27, 2007).

Marc Manos and David Black successfully defended the award of the multi-million dollar contract to manage the State’s Employee Insurance Program Pharmacy Benefit Program before the Chief Procurement Officer and the South Carolina Procurement Review Panel.  In Re:  Protest of Express Scripts, Inc., Order No. 2005-8 (S.C. Proc. Rev. Panel Oct. 6, 2005).

Marc Manos and Manton Grier, Jr. led a team to a successful verdict after a three-and-a-half week trial on behalf of a terminated heavy truck dealership.  The verdict was reversed by the Fourth Circuit two years later because it was based on a South Carolina statute but the offending conduct occurred in Georgia.  Carolina Trucks & Equipment, Inc. v. Volvo Trucks of North America, Inc., 492 F.3d 484 (4th Cir. 2007).

Marc Manos, David Black and a team convinced the Procurement Review Panel to reverse a Chief Procurement Officer order, awarding the firm’s health care industry client a major state contract for pharmacy benefit management.

Marc Manos, Angus Macaulay and Amy Geddes worked as a team to represent a lending institution in a complex, multi-party lawsuit related to the bank’s loans to two trusts.  After winning summary judgment on one of the two claims against the bank, two days of mediation resulted in a global settlement.

Marc Manos and David Black briefed and Marc Manos argued before the South Carolina Court of Appeals regarding the right of Aiken Electric Cooperative to provide electric service to Sandhills School in Lexington County.  Aiken Electric Cooperative won before the Public Service Commission, the Circuit Court and those victories were affirmed by the Court of Appeals in Unpublished Op. No. 2005-UP-292.

Marc Manos led the trial team on behalf of the House of Perfection in a copyright/trade dress defense in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, Manhattan.  Rich Mandaro of Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein worked with Marc on the trial in March of 2004.  In March 2005, the Court granted, in part, motions for judgment as a matter of law and for a new trial.  A settlement was reached prior to the new trial.

Marc Manos and a team of attorneys represented a software developer in litigation over the Sumter Criminal Justice Network.  They assisted the client in negotiating a settlement ending years of litigation with limited expense.

Marc Manos and his team represented one of a group of Defendants in successfully mediating a settlement of an unauthorized facsimile advertising class action.  The case involved multiple parties and insurance claims.  Order Approving Settlement dated October 5, 2004.

Marc Manos led a team in a marathon 17 hours procurement protest hearing protesting the award of the State Employee Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contract.  A later settlement resulted in the contract being awarded to the firm’s client.  CPO Decisions; “The State”.

Marc Manos and David Black represented Palmetto Unilect LLC in an appeal of the award of the statewide voting machine contract.  After losing at the CPO level, the Procurement Review Panel found that Palmetto Unilect could not proceed with its administrative review because the CPO received the electronic filing after 5 PM on the last day it was due, even though the electronic filing left the filing system well before 5 PM and was received by the counsel for the CPO before 5 PM.  In Re: Protest of Palmetto Unilect, LLC, Case No. 2004-6 (S.C. Procure. Rev. Panel, July 1, 2004).

Marc Manos successfully defended a protest of the award of the South Carolina Child Support Enforcement System Project Management Services Contract before the Information and Technology Management Office, Chief Procurement Officer.

Marc Manos argued and briefed the case where the Supreme Court of South Carolina found that no tort of aiding and abetting credit identity theft exists in South Carolina.  Huggins v. Citibank, N.A., 355 S.C. 329, 585 S.E.2d 575.

Marc Manos and a team of the firm's attorneys and paralegals successfully settled a troubling food industry trademark case for his client, Mitchum, Inc., in a New York mediation.  The case involved alleged misuse of a potato chip/snack brand mark and involved serious issues of insurance coverage.  Bob Kelly of McElroy, Deutsch & Mulvaney worked with Marc on defending this case in the United States District Court, Newark, New Jersey.

Marc Manos and a team of the firm's lawyers represented the State of South Carolina in its challenge to the constitutionality of federal laws requiring the state to implement a certain type of child support data processing system costing tens of millions of dollars.  After a successful preliminary injunction hearing, the district court ruled against the State on the merits.  The Fourth Circuit affirmed, finding the federal requirements could be attached as a condition of federal funding for Temporary Aid to Needy Families.  Hodges v. Thompson, 311 F.3d 316 (4th Cir. 2002).

Using the good offices of Florence, South Carolina mediator, J. Boone Aiken, III, Marc Manos assisted a major national bank client in settling a case involving a failed automated loan processing system development project brought by Affinity Processing Corporation.

Without resort to mediation, a team led by Marc Manos negotiated a settlement on behalf of a major New York savings and loan in failed computer system project litigation with Columbia, South Carolina software developer, Policy Management Systems Corporation (now CSC).

Marc Manos led the appellate team which argued and briefed Unisys Corporation v. South Carolina Budget & Control Board, 346 S.C. 158, 551 S.E.2d 263 (2001).  The landmark decision firmly established the statutory, exclusive remedy for government procurement cases in South Carolina.  The firm represented the governmental entities against a claim by Unisys Corporation that contract language could create an alternate in-court remedy.

Marc Manos represented the majority partners in an apartment development project in an action for an accounting and alleged breaches of duty against the minority partner.  The accounting action lasted a week before a special master.  At trial, the District Court granted a directed verdict to the majority partners.  The Fourth Circuit affirmed.  Williams v. Sandman, 187 F.3d 379 (4th Cir. 1999).

Marc Manos led a trial team in an expedited trial of a trademark challenge in the United States District Court, Charleston, South Carolina.  The firm successfully defended Beaufort, South Carolina/Savannah, Georgia furniture retailer, Mama’s Used Furniture, from an injunction and damages claim, which would have destroyed its business.  The Plaintiff, Palmetto Ford d/b/a Mama’s Used Cars, pursued an aggressive case.

A team led by Marc Manos prevailed on summary judgment for their client, James Albergotti, on trademark and related unfair competition claims brought by America’s Steak Expert, Inc. in the United States District Court, Sumter, South Carolina.

Marc Manos assisted Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc. in settling its claims against the developer related to a system development project for Mid-Carolina’s operational and customer service software.

Marc Manos announced a favorable settlement of children’s clothing copyright/trade dress litigation for his client, Baby Superstore (now Babies R Us).  J. Mark Smith of Pittenger & Smith, P.C. worked with Marc on this case pending in the United States District Court, Denver, Colorado.  Chung Kai Industries d/b/a C.K. Enterprises v. Baby Superstore.

Marc Manos argued and briefed the case where the Supreme Court of South Carolina abolished the torts of alienation of affection and criminal conversation.  Russo v. Sutton, 317 S.C. 441, 454 S.E.2d 895.

Marc Manos briefed and argued an appeal from a successful verdict for a class pension beneficiaries represented by Tom Stephenson at trial.  The Fourth Circuit disagreed with the verdict and reversed finding the class had no right to be paid accrued benefits under ERISA.  Freeman v. Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund, 32 F.3d 90 (4th Cir. 1994).

Marc Manos successfully tried and defended on an appeal a case where the Ku Klux Klan challenged the Town of Pelion’s refusal to admit the Ku Klux Klan to the annual Christmas Parade.  The jury and appellate court found the Town of Pelion’s decision justified under applicable law.  Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Invisible Empire, Inc. v. Stuart, 934 F.2d 318 (4th Cir. 1991) (Unpublished opinion).  


Hulsey v. Cisa, 947 F.3d 246 (4th Cir. 2020)

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  • National Business Institute, 2023 Outstanding Faculty Award Recipient 
  • Highest AV Rating from Martindale Hubbell
  • Chari-Elect, South Carolina Bar, Torts & Insurance Practice Section, 2021
  • Included in the South Carolina Super Lawyers list in the area of Business Litigation, Government Contracts, Intellectual Property Litigation, Utilities, Securities Litigation, and Insurance Coverage 2013-2018
  • Recognized by Chambers USA, America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, South Carolina, Litigation: General Commercial (2010-Present)
  • Selected as a Senior Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America in 2010
  • NBI 2023
  • LCA Senior Fellow Badge


Seminars and Classes

December 2023: Marc taught multiple sessions at a National Business Institute Seminar on SC litigation. View the presentations and course materials below.

Marc Manos, Dorothy Rutledge and Todd Serbin updated Chapter XI of the Paralegal Survivor's Guide on Intellectual Property. Click here.

Manos taught two sections of an NBI Seminar on School Law: Social Media and Apps, Cyberbullying, Privacy and Other Technology Issues. Marc used his experience in cyber security, failed technology product litigation, cyber risk insurance, and Constitutional law/federal funding law to assist a group of lawyers, school district counsel, and school administrators and teachers with legal background and IT responsibilities about the legal issues emerging in “Internet Acceptable Use Policies, Filtering and Monitoring,” and “Laptops, Tablets and iPads: Legal Concerns.” 

Keeping Evidence Out (Pre and Post Trial) - the Rules of Evidence: A Practical Toolkit, prepared by Marc Manos for an NBI Seminar and presented by Dick Willis due to conflict with U.S. District Court preliminary injunction hearing.

The September 2015 edition of SC Lawyer magazine featured an article entitled The Application of Marketability or Minority Discounts in a Minority Shareholder Buyout. Marc was co-author.


Marc Manos presented a continuing legal education session on the attorney-client privilege for the Council of Multiple Listing Services—Legal Seminar 2020 on September 23, 2020. The linked Power Point provided the basis for his presentation.

Discovery: Objections, Motions and Sanctions, Maynard Nexsen Litigation CLE Series, March 5, 2019

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau Audits and Enforcement- Intellectual Property and Advertising Concerns, National Business Institute, January 31, 2019

The Barbarians are at the (Electronic) Gate, Carolinas Credit Union League Compliance COnference, October 23, 2018

Litigation Issues Facing Nonprofit Organizations, Maynard Nexsen Trade Group Symposium, Columbia, SC, February 16, 2018

Complex Litigation Work Flow: A Primer (Reminder) for Lead (and other) Paralegals; Columbia, SC, 2015

Legal Seminar for the Council of Multiple Listings Services, CLE Program in Boise, Idaho, 2013:

Legal Seminar for the Council of Multiple Listing Services, CLE program, September 2012:

National Business Institute Seminar, "Applying the Rules of Evidence: What Every Attorney Needs to Know," Columbia Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, November 11, 2010. 

"Antitrust and the MLS", 2010.

"The NAR/U.S. Settlement and how it affects NAR Associated MLS", 2008.


  • State Bar: South Carolina, North Carolina, District of Columbia
  • South Carolina Certified Circuit Court Arbitrator
  • U.S. District Court: South Carolina, District of Columbia, North Carolina (Eastern, Middle, Western)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals: Fourth Circuit, Sixth Circuit, Federal Circuit
  • U.S. Supreme Court
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What is it about your practice that you enjoy most?

The intellectual challenge. Each client presents a different business, life experiences, and relationships I must learn to understand the case. The legal issues vary greatly and are complex.

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