Our Insurance Regulatory Team has robust expertise in the insurance industry, covering a wide spectrum of clients and entities from traditional insurance companies to newer players like insurtech firms, and from healthcare-related entities like HMOs and Medicaid Managed Care to specialized entities like Captive Insurers and Surplus Lines Insurers. We serve large corporations, smaller businesses and quasi-governmental entities, indicating a broad client base.   

Our clients include: 
  • Insurance companies  
  • HMOs  
  • Medicaid Managed Care, Medicare Advantage/Medicare Part D 
  • Brokers and Agencies, including Managing General Agencies 
  • Third Party Administrators 
  • Utilization Review Agencies 
  • Reinsurers 
  • Captive Insurers 
  • Surplus Lines Insurers 
  • Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges 
  • Insurtech  

Our Insurance Regulatory Team’s expertise covers a vast array of specialized areas within the insurance industry, showcasing a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, complex financial transactions, and strategic advisory services. We take a comprehensive approach to supporting a diverse clientele across the insurance industry, from initial formation to ongoing regulatory compliance and strategic growth.   

We are proud to have decades of experience assisting insurance clients with critical and timely matters, as well as regular corporate and product support, including:  

  • Formation, Licensing, and Withdrawals 
    • Assist with the incorporation, redomestication, expansion, and withdrawals of insurance entities. 
  • Corporate Governance and Transactions 
    • Handle corporate amendments, conversions, dissolutions, and ongoing corporate compliance and governance matters. 
    • Advise on complex transactions including mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, reorganizations, and capital transactions. 
  • Investments 
    • Draft and analyze insurance investment policies and investment transactions. 
  • Financial Exams and Solvency Issues 
    • Provide guidance on financial exams, solvency assessments, and regulatory proceedings. 
    • Advise clients through supervision, rehabilitation, conservation, and liquidation proceedings. 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
    • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. 
    • Prepare insurer operational policies.  
    • Assist with holding company systems regulatory filings and related compliance. 
    • Provide guidance on investigations and audits, including multistate market conduct examinations and enforcement actions. 
  • Licensing and Compliance for Insurance Adjacent Entities 
    • Advise on licensing, contracting, and ongoing compliance for third party administrators, agents, managing general agents, and utilization review agents. 
  • Insurance Product Development 
    • Assist with product development, rate and form filings, and network adequacy filings and approvals. 
  • Captive Insurance Companies 
    • Advise on formation and regulatory compliance for both onshore and offshore captives. 
  • Value-Based Care and Risk Sharing 
    • Advise on value-based care models and other risk-sharing arrangements. 
  • Reinsurance 
    • Evaluate reinsurance arrangements, negotiate contracts, and ensure compliance with credit for reinsurance requirements. 
  • Managed Care and Provider Network Contracting 
    • Negotiate managed care agreements and provider network contracts. 
  • Level-Funded Products and ERISA Compliance 
    • Assist with development of level-funded products, including stop-loss coverage and ERISA compliance. 
  • HIPAA and Privacy Compliance 
    • Address HIPAA and state law privacy and security matters. 
  • Mental Health Parity Compliance 
    • Evaluate compliance with mental health parity regulations. 
  • Discount Healthcare Program Licensing 
    • Secure licensing for discount healthcare programs. 
  • Claims Disputes and Litigation 
    • Resolve claims disputes through settlements, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation. 
  • Legislative Monitoring and Advocacy 
    • Monitor legislative developments and advocating for client interests. 
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