Subcontractors and Suppliers are key links in the construction chain. Projects would not get built without them. Subcontractors and Suppliers have their own set of legal issues with which the construction lawyers at Maynard Nexsen have decades of experience.

Of course, the most important issue for Subcontractors and Suppliers is getting paid. Maynard Nexsen’s construction lawyers know the ins and outs of lien and bond law which allows them to protect the rights of their clients. This detailed understanding of lien and bond law helps us put our clients in the best position to be paid. 

Subcontractors and Suppliers are often confronted with the “pay if paid” trap and are squeezed on issues such as indemnity, warranty, schedule, delay, scope, etc.  Knowing the legal and practical aspects of these thorny issues is why Maynard Nexsen’s lawyers add value to the resolution of these issues on the front end and the back end.

Supplier needs are often driven by UCC issues such as implied and express warranties, consequential damages, and the “battle of the forms.” Representing Suppliers in construction matters requires an understanding of the interplay between the UCC and general construction law. We are ready for the “battle.”

Maynard Nexsen’s representation of Subcontractors and Suppliers includes those involved in all sorts of trades, including: 

  • Electrical
  • Grading
  • Plumbing
  • Water and sewer
  • Mechanical
  • Concrete
  • General building materials
  • Steel fabrication
  • Equipment rental
  • Process piping
  • And many others

Maynard Nexsen represents one of the largest steel fabricators in the country on matters from coast to coast and internationally which is one of the many things that keeps our lawyers on the cutting edge of legal issues affecting Subcontractors and Suppliers. 



  • Preserving Lien Rights to Ensure Contactors are Paid for their Projects

    With the COVID-19 pandemic and newly elected officials taking office, there are many uncertainties about what 2021 will bring to the construction industry. However, one certainty is that contractors will need to preserve their lien rights to ensure they are paid on construction projects if problems arise. Attorney Jeff Reichard discusses lien rights in North Carolina as they relate to subcontractors, specifically first-tier subcontractors.

  • Ensuring Payment for Construction Projects

    As many businesses are planning to come out of the pandemic and get back to business, those in the construction arena know one thing – construction never stopped and won’t stop. However, sometimes the business needs to stop, and reflect on best practices. Construction attorney Brett Becker discusses what suppliers need to do to ensure they are ready to secure payment even when the customer stops paying.

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