Tourism and hospitality are big business across the country, which is why those in the industry need the experience of Maynard Nexsen. 

Want to identify a site for development? 

We have one of the most experienced real estate groups in the Southeast.  We help with land acquisition, permitting and taxation issues. In short, we can handle just about any real estate development matter.

Need financing?

Maynard Nexsen has extensive experience in commercial lending. We represent hotels, marinas, golf courses, resorts and many others. We provide both practical and legal guidance from the beginning of a transaction through its conclusion.  

Ready to put up a building? 

Our firm’s large construction practice represents developers across the Southeast. We can handle the bid process, take care of the needed permits and make sure that bond and insurance matters are handled properly. We also work with municipalities throughout the Southeast to handle land use and zoning issues connected to resorts, bars, hotel, and clubs.

Regulatory issues? 

We assist clients in licensing, permitting and compliance, and if there are problems, we respond to enforcement actions. If you need a license to serve alcohol, for example, Maynard Nexsen can help you get it. We know the laws and the regulations, and understand enforcement actions.

I have employees...

Maynard Nexsen has one of the largest employment and labor practices in the Southeast. With more than 25 attorneys, we can provide advice, training and litigation. Labor law is complex and we have successfully handled matters in all aspects of the employment relationship, including discrimination claims, wage and hour compliance as well as Family and Medical Leave Act issues.  

Your brand is everything.

We help protect your intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights. We can make sure contracts are properly executed. And when problems arise, as they sometimes do, we have experienced litigators.

Our goal, though, is to keep you out of court. We understand that litigation costs significant time and money. So the overriding goal for our attorneys is to prevent potential problems before they result in a claim. That’s the advantage of working with Maynard Nexsen, a firm with attorneys experienced in all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry.


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