Maynard Nexsen partners with our wholly-owned subsidiary, NP Strategy (NPS+), a strategic public relations firm serving a wide range of organizations facing both positive and negative situations.  From a crisis with unwanted media attention to an exciting expansion needing both media and stakeholder support, the 25-member NPS+ team supports companies across the country.

NPS+ is made up of former journalists, political insiders and corporate communications professionals who have a strong relationships in the media and a deep understanding of how to influence public opinion.

NPS+ proudly supports clients from across the nation. Our work can be seen in action across private industries, government entities, and so many more.

  • 20+ tenacious team members from the media, politics, and the public/private sectors
  • Award-winning in-house videographers and creatives
  • We leverage our deep relationships with the media and key players across industries to deliver fast, effective results for our clients. 
  • We don’t just communicate – we solve problems, forge connections, and breathe new life into brands.
NPS+ services include:
  • Community Assessment
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Relations
  • Message Development
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Event Management
  • Digital and Social Media

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Heather Matthews | CEO


Amanda Loveday | COO





Heather Matthews • November 2, 2022
Have you ever wanted to say, “No comment,” to an unwanted media inquiry? It’s an easy answer that can backfire due to a modern perception of someone trying to avoid an answer. So what do you say instead? On this week’s Marketing Minute, former journalist and NP Strategy CEO Heather Hoopes-Matthews offers advice on how to respond without raising regrettable attention.

Marketing Minute Video: Avoiding “No Comment” Media Responses



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