Nexsen Pruet Case Highlighted in Media for Pharmaceutical Trade Secrets Settlement

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Nexsen Pruet served as Counsel to Nephron Pharmaceuticals in a recent trade secrets case highlighted by The Post & Courier article, "SC drug maker receives $7.9 settlement in case alleging theft of trade secrets."

Led by Columbia Office Managing Partner Nikole Mergo as lead trial counsel along with employment attorneys Jennie Cluverius and Jimmy Byars, Nexsen Pruet has represented Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp, Nephron S.C. Inc., and Nephron Sterile Compounding Centers, LLC since the suit was filed in 2018. Local counsel is Mary Ruth Houston of Shutts & Bowen LLP in Orlando.


The fight centered around two employees who went to work for U.S. Compounding after leaving Nephron and providing Nephron’s confidential customer and pricing information to their new employer, a direct competitor.

One of the women was a sales representative in the Midwest and had worked for Nephron for about 16 years, selling its products to hospitals in that area. The other’s sales territory covered New Jersey.

“I had no idea someone working within our organization would do something like this,” Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy said.

According to court documents, on her last day of employment with Nephron, the first former employee downloaded data from the company’s customer management system onto a hard drive that included contacts for current and prospective customers, customers’ order history and purchasing habits, as well as pricing details for those orders.

Read the full Post and Courier article here

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