Most of our insurance company clients write policies that contain subrogation clauses. Those allow carriers to pay claims, but then take legal action against an at fault third party. A common scenario: an insurance company client pays a claim for $100,000 in damages to an insured business owner for losses caused by an improperly installed or defective product that causes a fire. Under a subrogation clause, as well as legal principles of equity, insurers can sue the negligent installer or manufacturer to recover the amounts paid to their insured.

Our Property Subrogation & Recovery team regularly represents clients involved with all sorts of property loss cases, many of which are extremely complex.  Our firm handles both commercial and personal lines cases of all sizes.  We routinely represent clients on high profile large dollar losses, but we also handle mid-level and arbitration level losses.

Our goal is simple: to recover monies for our insurance clients.

We are most helpful to clients when we are involved with a claim from the beginning. Prompt action on matters with subrogation potential are absolute prerequisites to securing a significant recovery of each insurer's claim dollars. 

Because a catastrophe can strike at any moment, our subrogation attorneys are available 24/7.  Our team prides itself in being available immediately after a client learns of a new loss, but before a determination can be made about recovery potential. We are quick to assist with investigations in order to help determine the cause of the loss. We have a large database of experts who specialize in forensics as well as consultants who can be called in for all types of property damage investigations. While technically proficient, they also excel at articulating their findings and opinions through depositions and trial testimony if a case proceeds to litigation.

Unique Advice for Unique Goals

Our team is comprised of veteran litigators, but we recognize that many times, a client has objectives that are best served by avoiding costly and protracted litigation. With that in mind, a client's unique goals guide our legal advice, not a misguided desire to simply "win" every dispute.

For cases where litigation is required, we pride ourselves on aggressive, yet effective, representation. We stand ready to provide the necessary guidance, experience and judgment on every case, including coordinating with insurance claims personnel, experts and other consultants in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Subrogation clients are offered closed file reviews free of charge, and in-house seminars upon request, also at no charge.


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