Keep Calm Work More Overtime: a Maynard & Extra Help, Inc. Webinar

In late 2015, the Obama Administration proposed the first significant change to the FLSA's white collar exemptions in a generation. The proposed regulations would more than double the current $455 per week minimum salary necessary to qualify for a white collar exemption from minimum wage and overtime. Final rules are expected in mid-2016 with a potential first compliance deadline in 2017. Employers should act now to collect valuable data and anticipate how this change may affect their organizations. Compliance will be far more complicated than simply bumping up salaries or making formerly exempt employees non-exempt.

During this session, Matt Stiles discussed what's behind the Administrator's proposed rules, provided a timeline for planning, and made practical recommendations to help employers stay ahead of the final rules. To watch the recorded version of the webinar please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar or content covered, please contact Matt Stiles.


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