IP Litigation Team Secures District Court Win

On Nov. 12, Judge Alsup of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted the motion filed by Maynard Nexsen’s IP Litigation team on behalf of the Firm’s client, Nephos Inc., to strike the fourth set of infringement contentions served by a pro se Plaintiff and dismiss Plaintiff’s lawsuit with prejudice. An earlier motion had been filed to strike Plaintiff’s third set of infringement contentions, which Judge Alsup also granted, but in doing so allowed Plaintiff “one last chance” to serve infringement contentions that comply with the Patent Local Rules of the Northern District of California. Maynard Nexsen’s multi-office team on the matter was led by John Hintz (New York), Brandon Stroy (San Francisco), Mila Dunn (San Francisco), and Sarah Daley (Birmingham).


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